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What does that mean? It means drive traffic to your websites by real visitors, the manual traffic exchange.

If you're not using Manual Traffic exchanges you're leaving 100's and 1000's of subscribers and Referrals on the table.


We are glad you managed to view our website, hopefully you like free traffic because who doesn't like free traffic. Hit4Click has been online since 2015 giving members more and more traffic without even spending any money! We do contests every month, Surfing and Referral contests and as well as upgrade contests for upgraded members only which gets you more and better prizes including cash prizes. if you haven't decided to join us yet well when you sign up and you surf 200 pages you will get a Sign up bonus of: 1 day Platinum Clikker which is the top tier upgrade(This only lasts until August and it will be removed), 0.10 Cash 100 Credit/Banner/Text Advertisements! Join us now. We are still working on this with new stuff being added later.


What to look forward too:

    Traffic Exchange: Free Traffic by Surfing others websites and getting from hits to your website as well.
    Staff: Helpful and Friendly Admins.
    Refering: Earn Commissions and Credits by Refering others to Hit 4 Click.
    Free Updates: Updates to the website with new games every month to make the website better.
    Hit 4 Click is Targeted: You’ll only get live, real-time targeted traffic. Real people visiting your site. No fake traffic here.
    Downline Builder: All your signups get to join your programmes through your link, helping you to build downlines in other sites
    Surfing Ratio: up to 3:1 Surfing Ratio 3 Credits per 1 website you surf.

Join now and dont forget to hit 4 a Click